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Wikipedia listed artist/engineer/producer Mike Hounshell

started playing bass guitar professionally at 15.  After five days of

practicing with the band, the other members of his first band invited

some guys from one of the other local bands in the area to evaluate his

playing. The drummer/vocalist from the other band happened to be none

other than a young undiscovered Steve Whiteman, who went on to became

the lead singer of the legendary band "Kix". After that Hounshell began

constantly playing clubs and concerts in cover bands along the east


During his senior year in high school He was selected for the Maryland

All-State Chorus. He graduated from high school with the "Outstanding

Music Student Award" and an accompanying music scholarship ($25).

While attending Frostburg State University Mike majored in music.  He

played bass in the jazz ensemble, trombone in the marching band, and

performed in many vocal ensembles.  Hounshell engineered and was an artist on

both student talent association albums, "Believe It", and "Plateau".

Hounshell released a solo album, "Sometime, Somewhere" in 1981.

The single "So Right"/"Krazie Kind of Love" was featured in the

regular rotation on some FM radio stations. The album received generous

airplay. Since the digital age, it has been made available for download

in a bit torrent on many web sites by fans of the record.

The vinyl album is now a rare collectible.  A copy was sold for $354 in

an online auction on a rare vinyl website.


In 1982 Hounshell  and former "Skywalker" band mates, Chris Ogden

and Terry "Turk" Horner" formed "Ten Below" with drummer Tony

Rogers.  The band played live and recorded many originals. 

Ten Below sent a few of their songs to a local rock station,

WQZK in Keyser, WV, and was placed on the regular rotation

with their song "Straight to the Point".  The band also released a

single "Jealous Boy".

Ten Below made it to the final's of "DC101's Battle

of the Bands". Out of hundreds of entries they were selected to compete

in one of four of the semi final competitions at the Bayou (long gone

now) in DC. They won their semi final round. They then went on to the

finals to compete with 3 other bands at the Sylvan Theater in front of

the Washington Monument in front of a crowd of 20 thousand people.

Ten Below came in fourth in the contest out of over 250 original

Later in the 80's Mike opened for national acts (Henry Lee Summer CBS Records),

and international acts at the Bayou in DC and doing studio work for

other bands. He also received three Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contests



In 1991 He joined a progressive rock band "Cathedral"(a registered U.S.

Trademark 1991).  This band is not to be confused with the Death Metal

band from the U.K. by the same name. Cathedral entered a song in

Musician Magazine's 4th "Best Unsigned Band Contest". Cathedral made it

to the finals and had their band name listed in the magazine for being

in the top 100 best unsigned bands.


The band opened for "Dream Theater" at the Bayou and was booked

by "Cellar Door Productions" around the DC area. 


Later that year they signed a recording contract with Kinesis, a

progressive rock label. Their first CD, "Kingdom of Ends" was the first

original CD the Kinesis label ever released.



It was well received in the progressive rock world.



Cathedral released their second CD, "There in the Shadows" on Kinesis in 1993.

WJFK's "Don and Mike Show"

included a spoken intro of a track from the band's

CD in their pre-show "Cavalcade".  The "Cavalcade" was a series of movie excerpts

edited together that ran before the show started for the DC area listeners only.


A few of the band members formed a group called "Hip Omelette" that recorded

and gigged around DC, Maryland, and Virginia until 1995.

Hip Omelette 14th Street Festival 1995, Washington DC.


In 1997 Hounshell recorded bass during a session at Sountrax with Roger

Fisher, legendary guitarist of the band his studio Sountrax, in VA.

Mike engineered and produced the doom epic CD "Review Your Choices" with

Joe Hasslevander and Bobby Leibling of Pentagram in 1999.


Cathedral released a remastered version of their first CD. "Kingdom of

Ends 2012 Remaster" was released commercially in July of 2012.


In 2012 Hounshell joined the band "Ad Infinitum". Hounshell is recording

bass with Todd Braverman and Ad Infinitum for the new "Ad Infinitum 2" CD.


In 2013 Hounshell released a four song EP on iTunes titled "Sometime

Somewhere 2".

In 2016 Hounshell released "Hound Dog" on CD and in the online stores.  The CD is available on Amazon, CD Baby, and also on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming services.

Mike and former Cathedral band mate, Mark Copney, are recording and

performing live as Mike Hounshell & The Indignities.