Sountrax Studio 
Established 1979
About Us

The History of Sountrax Studio

I started using the name Sountrax Studio while recording albums on a four track with a mixer and some mics back in the 1970's.  Since then the studio has grown and kept up with over 40 years of technological changes and has been used in the production of many records, CD's, demos, voice overs, video production for every type of recording project imaginable.

Some of the first vinyl albums I produced were "Plateau", "Believe It!" and "Sometime Somewhere" that was picked up by The Numero Group record label in 2020.  The original pressing is now considered vintage vinyl.

Highlights so far have been working with Roger Fisher, legendary guitarist of the band Heart, and having him ask me to play and record my bass with him.  Me with Roger Fisher in 1997, working on a "Funny Money" demo a post Kix Steve Whiteman band with Billy Andrews, and producing and engineering  "Review Your Choices" with Bobby Leibling and Joe Hasslevander of Pentagram in 1999 for Black Widow Records and the post production. 


Roger Fisher, Heart, Mike Hounshell, Cathedral in Sountrax Studio, VA

Cathedral in the old Sountrax Control Room in 1991.

I was using a Tascam MS16, 16 track analog machine back then.

The next format that we used was the DA-88 format with automated mix down in the 90's.

Now most of the recording is done with one of our many DAW's.

Any thing you need to start, enhance, track, and master are available now. Over 40 years experience and counting.